Wind of Victory
About us:
This organization was started in 2009 in August after realizing the life style of Ugandan children is a tragedy. This forced the executive director and other members to start up this organization in order to  provide basic needs like education and other essentials, sensitize the orphans, needy children and the youth in the schools and homes about their rights in community.

Registration Number: 997, December 17, 2010
Message from the Founder
If we welcome children in the name of our LORD Jesus, we are welcoming Him and in so doing we welcome The Father. God has placed children in the most esteemed position of Himself and He is more than willing to reward all those who in a loving and upright manner embrace the destinies of these little ones.

I pray that we all realize that children will grow up in any circumstance they are in. In Uganda, I have witnessed the creepy life street children lead. They sleep outside in the dark, in dirty corridors and verandas on the streets. They are wounded, sickly and hated by the people who sometimes abuse them. Young girls are sexually molested and there is no one willing to pin down the culprits even when they are reported and it is evident.

These children are growing up, courageous to take risks we can not imagine, and devoted to do anything to earn a living. As they are growing up, all sorts of filthy behavior rises in them, and they are hardened by sin. By the time a preacher goes to the streets proclaiming aloud the gospel of salvation, the message falls on deaf ears and Satan rejoices because he managed to sow his seeds in them at such an early stage. They become robbers, prostitutes, drug addicts, rapists, murderers, and all sorts of evil activities. They become a mighty force for the enemy.

And God is calling you to show children the right way, sow the seed of love, kindness, peace, joy, and righteousness in them, preach the Gospel to them and help them realize their visions, nurture them and embrace them as your own. Imagine, how many evangelist, pastors, good teachers of the Word, prophets, and apostles? How many potential leaders and ministers of Christ, great missionaries and supporters of the work of God are perishing in your sight, when God has given you the opportunity to reach out to them? And for how long shall we be rebellious to the calling of God?

My dear, "And Jesus said; when I was hungry you did not feed me, naked - you did not clothe me, I was a stranger and you did not welcome into your 'beautiful home', you rejected me, abused me cast out" and when they denied doing this, Jesus replied;" whenever you despised the little ones in your midst, you did it to me". Please remember this; though Lazarus was not related to the rich man, the rich man was held accountable for the life that Lazarus led.

We are accountable for the life every child whom God has placed in our way. Though you do not have the silver and gold, give what you have for the sake of the advancement of the Kingdom of our God.

Wamimbi Julius