Wind of Victory
The project beneficiaries are the orphans, vulnerable children and the entire community.

¨ To improve Quality of life by caring for orphans and the needy youths through supporting their Education and general welfare           
¨ To extend skills training and capacity building to the communities where some youths and women cannot access Quality education,  especially in rural areas.
¨ To create awareness among the youth about sexual abuse through education and counseling.
Establishing a resource center to provide information, accommodation, education, love, care, protection and decent medical attention to vulnerable children and care givers.

Promoting community-based health care, nutrition, water, and environmental sanitation among people in poor communities.

Empowering the needy members of the community to participate in income-generating activities for the socio-economic transformation of their homesteads.

Enhancing preventative measures against HIV/AIDS.

Promoting initiatives among communities to mobilize members for the care of individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Offering marriage, home and family counseling services to the Youth, Churches and Community.

Establishing children's homes and caring of the vulnerable children in communities.

Establishing and operating educational institutions to promote academic excellence. Offering moral guidance and services to persons including children, youth and adults.

In order for the organization to fulfill it’s goals and objectives the Board of Directors for Wind Of Victory has designed the following strategy: - 
Goal:  Promote Quality Education in the community of Buloopa sub county  Kamuli District
Objective:  To set up school(s) 
Start up first a nursery school in Buloopa Sub County.
Add a primary grade each Year.
Add a teacher for each grade each year.
Once a first school is established, a new second school is set up.

Objective: Provide a library at each school.
Identify what books are needed by each level/class.
Write a project proposal for the library to our respective donors and volunteers who are willing to help.
Mobilize resources from the community and externally from our volunteers and partner organizations.
Train educators and staff member of each respective school on how to use the library.

Objective: Train educators who will in turn sensitize the community.
Carry out seminars and workshops with educators.
Provide Curriculums to the educators which will help them teach the children according to their different intelligence levels.
Train educators and teachers in strategies for using a curriculum and text books.

Objective: Ensure that students and educators have access to culturally appropriate Ugandan text books. 
Goal: Promote and improve health living in the community.

Objective: To sensitize the community about their sexual abuse and health rights in the public.
Identify area of public health to focus on with the community.
Provide pamphlets and brochures to the general community concerning their health.
Recruit and train those who will educate the community about their health status.
Provide workshops which are appropriate per public health subject.

Objective: Address the sexual abuse among the community.
Identify areas of public health to focus on with the community
Provide pamphlets and brochures to the general community.
Recruit and train those who will educate the community about their health.
Provide workshops which are appropriate per health subject.

Goal:  Promote vocational training in the community.
Objective: To improve and enhance the level of vocational advocacy in the community.
Be connected to local vocational schools/groups and NGOs.
Identify clients with vocational training needs in the community
Connect clients with resources for the training.

The Organization’s activities are feasible because:
There are hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children within the community of Buloopa sub-county Kamuli District. 
There are people with qualifications and skills required by the organization in order to improve the lifestyle of the community.
The Board of the organization has identified sources of funding and also carrying out fundraising activities throughout the life of the project.
The construction materials are available within the locality where the school is allocated.
The required equipment can be obtained within the country at favorable costs. 
The infrastructure favors the project since there is electricity, piped water and accessible road.

The organization is justified to establish and operate wind of victory because of the following: 
The increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.
The favorable peaceful environment that enables the organization to run its activities efficiently.
The government policy that encourages intervention mechanisms of voluntary organizations. 
There is open support by local and international communities.