Wind of Victory
Wind of Victory Programs

    •     To fight illiteracy, ignorance and poverty
    •    Assist orphans, street children , disabled and needy  people.
    •    Promote and support youth emancipation and gender balance in society.
    •    Solicit funds for bursaries and sponsorships of educationally able but financially handicapped students.
    •    Encourage, support and promote child to child activities in schools and at home.
    •    Facilitate learning by providing learning aids like educative films, videos shows, slides,  magazines , pamphlets, books and newsletters, etc.
The child Welfare Department coordinates all activities related to the total needs of the children.  Areas of emphasis include to care for the needs of children, cover educational sponsorship, primary health care, medical welfare, family support.

Train and equip the youth with knowledge and skills in homes and community management. Sensitive them on their roles and responsibilities in community and at home in particular
 Sensitize the youth about their rights in community.
Sensitize and assist them on starting income generating activities to eradicate poverty in homes, society and the country at large.    
Families are unable to absorb the expense of caring for another child. Many times, the widow whose husband has died of AIDS has no marketable skills. Wind of victory assists caregivers and foster family siblings with practical skills to enable them to support themselves and care for their childre