Wind of Victory


Are you an individual, family or group looking for an opportunity to volunteer with purpose in Uganda?

Wind of Victory is your answer. While volunteering with Wind of Victory you will impact the lives of many while enjoy all the adventures Uganda has to offer.

With Wind of Victory you will experience the beautiful Ugandan culture, the friendliness of the people, the needs of the most vulnerable and the satisfaction of volunteering with purpose.

Our flexible and affordable fees offer you a chance to experience Uganda in a unique way.

So come and join us.

Wind of Victory is interested in using your unique skills and interests to impact the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and members of the local community. Let us know and we’ll figure out a good placement for your skills and interests.

We offer many programs for you to be involved in.
We offer the following volunteer opportunities:

Education Program

Wind of Victory runs a nursery and primary school that educates and feeds vulnerable children and orphans an hour outside of Jinja in a rural village called Bulopa.

While traditional education in Uganda is based on memorization and passing exams Wind of Victory hopes to impact our students with child center methodology.  Working with our teachers and supporting our curriculum we ask that you plan lessons plans that engage our students and empower our educators with new teaching strategies.

As a Wind of Victory volunteer you can teach primary classes any academic subject or life skill as well as organizing sport and art activities for the children.  We are eager for volunteers to introduce literacy, creative writing, art, debate, and life skills.

You are the outside world to these children.

Community Empowerment Program

Are you a “get your hands dirty” kind of volunteer? As a Wind of Victory volunteer you can take part in building and construction in rural Uganda.  While working alongside unskilled local youth you’ll have the opportunity to encourage vocational development. Examples of construction needs include: construction of schools and orphanages, farming, borehole building and renovation. Experience is not required just the enthusiasm of helping others.

Health Care Program
Wind of Victory partners with local community projects lacking adequate health services and health awareness. Our health program seeks to influence the attitude of the community to improve sanitation and hygiene and to promote health education among local people. We focus on the following: family planning, HIV/AIDS sensitization, sexual and reproductive health, and preventative healthcare.

As a Wind of Victory volunteer you can expect to take part in a schedule full of public speaking, mentoring youth and youth leaders, HIV/AIDS sensitization, AIDS care, counseling, health/hygiene sensitization, and condom education/distribution.

Child Care Program:

In Uganda there are so many children who are orphaned or neglected and need love, care and attention. As a Wind of Victory volunteer we invited you to spend time working in an orphanage or daycare becoming a hero to vulnerable children. Example activities that you may offer for the children include but are not limited to: life-skills training, sport activities, leading games, teaching music and arts.

You'll likely get involved in the day to day running of an orphanage by feeding, washing and dressing the children.